We've Got Some Great Coffees brewing


(100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade 1)

Some say, simply the best.  Some say the finest.  We say fit for an expert, grown by experts, roasted by experts and to be consumed by experts.  Often referred to as  “The Champagne of Coffees,” these beans are grown in the only region which can bear the name Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.  Just as the French Drink must onlybe produced in the region of Champagne.  These beans must be grown at the highest altitudes in the Blue Mountains,  which produce the optimal conditions to create the “expert” of coffees.

Cupping Notes – Sweet, velvety and clean body, black currant, roasted almonds.



(60% Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade 1, 40% Ethiopian)

Jamaica and Ethiopia have shared a special relationship which goes far beyond their coffees, politics, and faiths.  It has to do with the emancipation of the people.  It’s only fitting we chose to blend these two great coffees.  Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee with its wild forest grown beans, has the legend of Kaldi.  Jamaica on the other hand, has its own historical figure in French King Louis XV, who  had an integral role in bringing coffee to the island nation.  These two beans make one of the finest cups of coffees you will ever find.  The original ancestral home of coffee, combining with the best new-world growing region.  It is all history in your cup.



(30% Jamaica Blue Mountain Grade 1, 70% Colombian)

When one thinks of great coffee, Jamaica and Colombia are often two nations which come to mind.  Colombia, the world’s largest producer of Arabica coffee, is loved around the world for its well-balanced cup.  Due to its limited production and well refined cup, Jamaica Blue Mountain is one of the world’s most sought after coffees.   Colombia, like Jamaica has many small farm holders who produce exquisite coffee.  Our Marksman aims to be the best blend of coffee from these two high altitudes growing regions. 

Cupping notes  - smooth creamy hazelnut, honey, cocoa, mild citrus.